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Include the following information, with corresponding category titles, on a separate - neatly typed - page.
* Title the page "Dolores Billhardt Scholarship Nomination Form Information"
* Enter your full name and High School.
* List Non-Athletic Honors/Awards (Include Academic, State Fair, 4H, Church, Etc.).
* List Softball Honors received and years experience playing Fastpitch
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* Attach a Personal Biography regarding your qualifications.
* Include at least one letter of recommendation from other than your coach or a relative.
* Include Two(2) letters of Recommendations from School or Community Leaders.
* Remember to get the Principal and Coach's signatures.
* Send completed Application to your District President by March 15th!! (No late applications accepted)

This application may be used to apply for other scholarships as they become available.
Visit our website - www.OHSFSCA.ORG - for more information.

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